What you should know about Portal axles!
Front and rear axles are solid axles with portals, meaning the axle housings and the differentials´ centre are located above the wheel´s centre. The gearing with its reduction, inside the portal housing, transfers the power to the wheel.
Portals offer the most unique ground clearance as the axle and differential housing are lifted and not just the frame or chassis.
Due to the gearing ration inside the portal drop box, the stress on the whole driveline is significantly reduced as the full torque is only occuring at the wheel and subsequently reduced inside the portals.

The portals are build for cars with a max. GVW of 3,5 tons. The max. recommended tire size should not exceed 315/75R16 or 35".

The portals can now be delivered in two different versions. » MORE
Mercedes G
Bolt on portals for Mercedes G

The portalversion for the Toyota Landcruiser HZJ78. » MORE

The portals are available for many American vehicles like Jeep's for almost all, Chevrolet Blazer, vehicles with Dana 44 axles and 10bolt. » MORE
We can fit our bolt on portals to almost any vehicle. Ask us.

Bolt On Portals are portals which are attached to existing axles.
They are developed to maintain the rotational direction of the original axle which is achieved by using 4 gears inside the drop box.

Another advantage of 4 gears is the optimal distribution of torque on more gears.

Due to this fact a higher torque can be transmitted inside the drop box and temperature development is improved.

The reduction/gear ratio of our "bolt-on portals" 1,6:1 is equivalent with a 60% load reduction of the axle and drive-line. One could also speak of a 60% improvement of axle strength.

As the whole drive ratio is altered by the factor of 1,6, it´s now possible to use larger tyres without changing the differential ratio.

Our bolt-on portals increse vehicle hight by 5" (125mm) or 4" (100mm) for our standard drop box with a lesser gear reduction.
This hight increase allows you to mount larger tyres without changing your suspension or even cutting your body work.
Axle and steering geometry stays untouched and thus allows you to legalize your truck´s conversion with your local institutions.
The increase of height by the portals gives you a minimum ground clearance improvement of the same amount.

To achieve this gain of ground clearance without portals you would have to mount 10" bigger tyres.
This would mean more than cutting into your car´s body panels as most axles wouldn´t have the strength to handle these tyre sizes off road.

Our portals are currently available for the Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G and Jeep axles. More vehicle makes are under development. Please inquire to see what we are working on.

Our portal drop boxes can be delivered prefitted to axles which you supply or to modified axles which we can design and build to your specific requirements.

Last, our portal drop boxes be be fitted to independent suspension vehicles, too.

"Bolt-on" Portals are the cost efficient and sensitive alternative to heavy portal axles from utility vehicles, e.g. Mercedes Unimog.

Portals which can be fitted to existing axles without changing the axles direction of rotation.

No adaption of axles, suspension or steeering required.

Specially developed for Land Rover Defender and Jeep but also adaptable to most other vehicles, e.g. Mercedes and Toyota.

We can deliver full custom axles fitted with our bolt-on portals with Ford 9", Dana 44, or GM centre.

Our smaller portal drop boxes with a reduction of 1,16:1 and a height of 4" also allows you to mount 16" rims/wheels. The wheel´s offset should be approx. 60mm, to reduce the width increase by the drop box to a minimum.
4 piston calipers and vented discs are part of the package.

These new portal drop-boxes are made from highest grad aluminium to keep the unspring weight increase as low as possible.

These portals offer a net lift of 4" and we recommend a max. Tyre size of 35" (e.g. 315/75R16).

Our portals are currently available in two versions.
1,6:1 for heavy offroad use
1,16:1 for daily use, travel and expedition
We deliver and repair / service most types of axles, e.g.
Dana 30, 35, 44, 60, 70, 80
Ford 8.8 and 9"
GM 10 bolt, 12 bolt and 14 bolt
Unimog U404 and U1500

Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Instructions Installation instructions for the bolt on portals for the Land Rover Defender
This work should be made ​​by a profesional mechanic!